What is A.R.T?

ART stands for Advanced Regeneration Therapy.  ART is a technique of eradicating contaminated blood and unhealthy substances hidden beneath the muscles, therefore rejuvenating the whole body faster.  
When does detoxification begin?

Immediately after the first needle is inserted, detoxification begins through the release of free radicals and toxic gases in the body.  Needle insertion creates a drain inside the body and directs the flow of toxins through the circulatory system and out of the body.  This promotes clean blood.
How will A.R.T improve my thoughts, actions, patterns and movements?

The philosophy of this treatment is that physical detoxification will lead to mental, emotional and spiritual detoxification.  Once the body is cleaner, your immune system will be restored and long term pain and discomfort will decrease.  This creates an opportunity for you to embrace more positive aspects of life so that you can enjoy daily living to the fullest again.

Side effects of A.R.T
- deep sleep may occur the night of initial treatment
- positive bruising (minor to noticeable) may occur which lasts for 3-14 days
- decrease in energy is common following a treatment.  Energy generally recovers within 24-48 hours
- spot tenderness and soreness
- cleansing symptoms such as increase in frequency of urination and bowel movements as the body detoxifies