cupping.png Cupping is a method of creating ‘suction’ on the patient’s skin. Vacuum is created in a specially designed cup through a burning cotton ball, and the cup is immediately placed on the skin, creating a strong suction on that area. Different sizes of cups are used, depending on the area of body. If the area is small like neck or shoulder, small cups are used. If the area is big like middle-back, lower-back and buttocks, big cups are used. These cups will be left for about 5 to 7 minutes. Sometimes only one cup is used, which is known as ‘moving’ cupping. Prior to suction, body oil is applied on the back of body to enable the cup to move easily.  

Its primary purpose is to affect the flow of both qi and blood through the body, dispel cold and dampness, and diminish swellings and pains. A safe and non-invasive technique, cupping is used to treat many condition like colds and flu, gastrointestinal disorders, upper respiratory infections and asthma, as well as problems related to the internal organs or back pain. Cupping has been in the media for its use in treating muscular pain, bone pain and spasms, particularly in the back and shoulders.

While cupping is considered painless, red marks, swelling, and bruises can appear since the treatment causes blood to be drawn to the surface of the skin. These marks typically disappear within a few hours or days.