Herbal-decoction.png Herbal medicine is the main modality in Oriental Medicine. It is the world's oldest continually practiced, professional medicine. Over the millennia, herbal medicine has developed and matured to become what it is today: a natural and holistic system of primary health care used by people from a variety of backgrounds to effectively treat a range of chronic and acute health problems.

Herbal decoction is “liquid” extracted from boiling plant seeds, roots, barks, leaves, berries and flowers.  Indeed, the active components of plants are the basis for many of the most potent pharmaceutical drugs used in Western medicines. The herbal medicines consist of individual herbs made into formulae that take into account the individual therapeutic action of each herb and as well as the combined effects. A well-constructed formula maximizes the effectiveness for treating a particular condition, while counteracting and minimizing the unwanted effects of an individual herb. That means each formula is made with special care being taken to make sure that there are the correct properties to cope with the specific complaints of the individual. The beauty and the art of herbalism lie in the intricate balancing of herbal quantities that are continually reviewed and adjusted to fit the needs of the patients. It is better to consider herbal decoction as nutrition, since all herbs are natural. It is accustomed to each patient to nourish and strengthen body, and stimulate the flow of qi and blood like acupuncture. 

Drink one pack of decoction between 30 minutes and one hour before breakfast and dinner. Make sure to microwave it until the pack becomes warm enough. Always put the packs in the refrigerator when not consuming.  

If you are taking any prescribed medications, please let us know because some herbal decoctions might cause side effects when combined with some prescribed medications. We invite questions from our patients regarding the herbs, supplements and drugs that they are taking so that our patients always feel comfortable and confident taking herbs. Some herbal decoctions might cause side effects when combined with some prescribed medications.