Moxibustion.png The ancient healing technique of moxibustion, believed by some medical historians to pre-date even acupuncture, is approximately 3,000-years-old. Moxibustion uses moxa or mugwort herb (artemisia vulgaris), applied directly or indirectly, in order to warm the regions and acupuncture points. This combination of heat and herb stimulate circulation, encourage smoother flow of blood and qi, and protect against cold and dampness.

By dispelling cold and warming the body, moxibustion, used for pain and deficient conditions, is currently the more popular form of care because there is a much lower risk of pain or burning. It has been clinically effective for treatment of common conditions such as acute and chronic pain (frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, headaches, migraines), digestive problems (diarrhea, IBS), degenerative diseases, women's disorders, and sexual dysfunction (impotence, decreased libido).  Moxibustion is also known to relieve anxiety by creating a deep relaxation response.